TEDx Talk #TEDxNorwichED

Last weekend (19th March 2016) I had the great pleasure of giving a TEDx talk at TEDxNorwichEd, the first TED education event in the UK for 4 and a half years.  Continue reading


Bauman on community and Social Media. The medium is the message.


Recently, the great Polish Sociologist Zygmunt Bauman gave an interview to El Pais (full text here). In this interview he discussed his thoughts on Social Media and the manner in which they are affecting communities. His response is below: Continue reading

#SuperBloodMoon. How the Internet is augmenting our experiences of the world around us.

Last night (and in fact even as you read this today) a natural event was augmented and shared worldwide by the Internet.

#SuperBloodMoon highlights how the Internet and the offline world are not so separate, and how it is increasingly difficult to separate the two as separate spheres. Instead, the Internet is augmenting and changing the way millions of people experience the world and experience nature.

Continue reading